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Which uni is best for law? #2 (US Law School)

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

This is part two of the series "Which uni is best for law?" If you haven't had a chance to skim/look through the first part, I would really recommend you to do that before you read this article.

Finished the first article? Ok. Let's carry on.

As you can see from the title, we will be looking at Law Schools in the US today. (If you would like to learn about law schools in other countries, please send your request in the forum. I will make an article about it as soon as I can! ☺️)

Below is the US Ranking for 2021 (this applies to law school too):

❗️You might be surprised that Harvard Law School is not in the first place; this is quite debatable as one of the reasons why many believe Harvard Law is the best is because of its prestige (notable alumni and Ivy title).

As usual, today, we will be exploring the Top 4 law schools in the US. (Please feel free to research other law schools on your own and post your findings in our forum!)



  • JD Program (normally 3 years)

  • Joint Degrees (e.g. JD + School of Management)

    • very ambitious students - accelerated, integrated J.D./MBA (3 years)

  • Graduate Program (LLM/Ph.D./etc)

Student-faculty ratio:4.4:1

Full-time tuition: $68,117

Acceptance rate: 7%

  1. Median Undergrad GPA: 3.92

  2. LSAT Median Score: 173 (2020)

❓What is LSAT?

LSAT is an admissions test (for most of the US law schools) which you to take in order to apply to the law schools. Range: 120-180


+ 20 legal clinics at Yale, can gain real-life experience

+ brilliant scholars and wide potential network

+ not many required courses, tailor course selections according to their interest

+ class: 20 students

+ less competitive about grades (First semester of first-year - credit or no credit)

- being too small (some would prefer a larger environment)

⭐️ Alumni: former President Bill Clinton, Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas

😯 Fun fact: In 2013, Justice Thomas reconciled with Yale after years of bitterness, saying that going to Yale Law was a "mistake"



  • JD Program

  • Joint Degree

  • Advanced Degree Program (already earned a law degree outside of US)

Student-faculty ratio: 4.4:1

Full-time tuition: $66,396

Acceptance rate: 9.72%

  1. Median Undergrad GPA: 3.93

  2. LSAT Median Score: 171


+ professors who are willing to make themselves available to students

+ help to land on dream jobs

+ located in Palo Alto, CA (great environment)

+ wide opportunities inside and outside of law school

± Quarter system instead of Semester (although there is an increase in clinical and academic opportunities, it puts more burden on 3L students — who also need to study for the Bar exam)

❓What is Bar exam?

An exam that takes place in each state in order to test whether a candidate is competent enough to practice law

⭐️ Alumni: Supreme Court Justice O'Connor, Justice Rehnquist

😯 Fun fact: Stanford Law offers 280 course titles beyond the first-year curriculum!



  • JD Program

    • Joint Degree

    • Semester Abroad

Student-faculty ratio: 7.1:1

Full-time tuition: $67,081

Acceptance rate: 13%

  1. Median Undergrad GPA: 3.93

  2. LSAT Median Score: 173


+ if successfully accepted into the Semester Abroad program, you are able to spend one semester in top law schools in other countries!

For instance, joint degree JD/LLM Program between HLS and Cambridge!!

+ offered Low Income Protection Plan who help students who are worried about law school debts

± larger environment

⭐️ Alumni: Barack and Michelle Obama, Current Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Kagan, Justice Breyer

😯 Fun fact: It is the oldest continuously operating law school in the US!



  • JD Program

    • International Semester

    • Dual Degree Programs

Student-faculty ratio: 5.2:1

Full-time tuition: $74,995

Acceptance rate: 16.8%

  1. Median Undergrad GPA: 4.12 (extremely competitive for GPAs)

  2. LSAT Median Score: 172


+ number one law school for those who seek lucrative Large Company jobs

+ rich, substantive education system

- expensive compared to other law schools

⭐️ Alumni: Frankin Roosevelt, Former Justice Ginsburg, Harlan Stone

😯 Fun fact: It created the US's first sexuality and gender law clinic.


Now after this long list of information, some of you might still be thinking about why Yale Law School (yeah, and also Stanford) have a higher ranking than Harvard Law. So, I've made a comparison table between Harvard and Yale Law School. (Source of information: ingeniusprep.)

❓What is 1L?

1L means a first-year student at law school. As students normally spend three years to earn JD program — so there are 1L, 2L, and 3L.

🚨 This comparison chart should only be an introductory guide to your decision in choosing a law school. You should do further research into each law school yourself and check out their departments and see whether the law school fits your interest or not.


Now, we are coming to an end to part II of our "Uni" series. I will be still updating this series (but quite slowly). If you have any requests of a specific uni you want me to make, please put them in the forum! :)

Well... Great then! I'll see you guys next time!!!

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