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Story-time: Behind the creation of Law101

The ignition of passion is like starting a fire with flint and steel; but what sustains the fire are dry firewoods.

My journey with law commenced two years ago when I first picked up a book at school titled 'What About Law?'. Perhaps due to my mother's profession as a corporate lawyer, I had always associated law with complex contracts, legal jargon, and something seemingly beyond my grasp (with no offense intended to the legal profession). However, this book opened my eyes to the profound relevance and intricacies of law in our daily lives. Needless to say, it ignited my passion for studying law.

From that point forward, during my free time, instead of idly scrolling through social media, I began researching and reading about various areas of law and recent legal developments that piqued my interest. To my surprise, there were limited resources available for someone like me, a newcomer to the field of law and a high school student. Unlike exploring STEM subjects, which had abundant educational platforms like Khan Academy, delving into the world of law proved to be more challenging. I experimented with various methods to educate myself, including enrolling in online courses, reading books that covered different aspects of law (ranging from jurisprudence to Supreme Court decisions), listening to a wide array of legal podcasts, watching lectures by prominent legal scholars, following recent legal cases, and many more.

Without my dedication to self-directed learning, I would not have gained a comprehensive understanding of the field of law. If I hadn't persevered, my passion for law might have fizzled out prematurely. Through my personal journey, I came to understand why law was not a popular topic among teenagers and similar age groups. There were simply too few accessible avenues for exposure to this field. I was fortunate to have discussions with my mother about her legal career, but many young people may not have the opportunity to engage with someone working in the legal profession. Some may not even consider law as a potential career path, while others may be deterred by preconceived notions about the field, much like I was initially.

However, this status quo needed to change. With this in mind, I embarked on a mission to raise awareness about law within my immediate community. In my school, I founded the Law Society, inviting anyone interested in learning about law to join. Within just one semester, our club attracted nearly 30 members. I was amazed by the number of students in our school who harbored a genuine curiosity about law. Through my role in the Law Society, I developed an approach to help members initiate their exploration of the field and provided resources to support their journey. Through active learning, our members could select and research topics that captured their interest. In addition, we organized meetings with legal professionals, such as in-house IP counsel and family lawyers, to gain insights into their experiences and perspectives on the legal profession.

After leading the Law Society for almost a year, I felt compelled to broaden the impact of my passion for law. This led to the establishment of Law101, an initiative aimed at fostering discussions about law not only among teenagers but for anyone curious about the field. Law101 offers a user-friendly website where individuals can navigate the complex realm of law. Much like a social platform, it encourages people to discuss their interests and engage in conversations with other members through the Law Discussion Group on RoundPier. It also operates as a knowledge repository where members can research and write about legal topics that intrigue them. In a manner similar to Wikipedia, members can not only read content contributed by others but also find answers to intriguing legal questions within blogs and resource recommendations.

Most importantly, Law101 aspires to be the nurturing forest that provides the firewood to fuel the flames of passion for law.

~ Isabelle Qian, Founder of Law101

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