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A Law Student's Toolkit

This course introduces key concepts, terminology, and tools that can help you build up a solid foundation for law school. The skills are also important to lawyers when they are making their arguments.


Big Data and Intellectual Property Law and Practice

Edx - Tsinghua (清华)

This course provides a detailed explanation of different parts of IP — including trademark and patent — and how it functions in China. It also talks about WIPO, which is an international organization where organizations share IP.

🚨 The language of this course is Chinese. Unfortunately, there are not translated transcripts for this course.

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An Introduction to American Law

Coursera - UPenn

This course is spread over 7 weeks. During the course, 6 areas of law will be explored: tort, contract, property, constitutional, criminal, and civil procedure. You can either study the course in chronological order or you can pick ou the ones that you are most interested the study first.


Contract Law

Edx - HarvardX

This course starts out with the basics of contract law and provides real-life situations (with lively animation shown in the video) on gifts, breach of contract, promise, etc. 


Introduction to Key Constitutional Concepts and Supreme Court Cases

Coursera - UPenn

This course provides an introduction to the US constitution and its important landmark decisions that arise out of interpreting it. Throughout four weeks, it will be explaining the three branches of government and dividing the Constitution into three distinct sections.



Edx - HarvardX

Are you interested in how law and ethics play a role in reproduction and human genetics? In this course, Professor Cohen will show you the details of how a reproduction industry technology works and civil lawsuits that have evolved due to it. 

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