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To Aspiring Blogwriters...

This guide shows you a step-by-step guide of how Law101 blog writers work. We welcome anyone who wants to research and write about the law to join our team! No previous experience is needed!

Quick note before starting.

  1. This position is not being paid - interest in law is the main driving force behind Law101!

  2. If you do have any previous works (related to law) that you have done, you can definitely publish them here too!

  3. Please make sure that you have signed up as a member so that you will be granted access to posting.

  4. Please check out our blog posts under Theory 101, Law School 202, Career 303 to get a taste of what the style is like. (Though we welcome you to write any style that you are most comfortable with!)

Step 1: Express your Interest (For NEW bloggers)

Please send an email to to express your interest in becoming a blog writer.

Please make sure that you have SIGNED UP as a member of Law101 so that we get you access to our site's blog writing.

Stage 2: Brainstorm Legal Topics

Then, create a list of legal topics that you are interested in writing about. Decide on which topic you would most want to write about. (For old bloggers, you can just pick from your previous brainstormed topics.)

The blog posts are split into three categories: Theory 101, Law School 202, Career 303. Please choose the correct category that your topic will be under. (P.S. Academic blog posts will be under Theory 101.)

Stage 3: Record Your Topic

Record the topic (with your name) that you want to write about in the shared google sheet for Law101 Blogwriters. For new bloggers, please click on the sheet when you are at Stage 2. It will say that you don't have access. Don't worry about it! Just press on "Request Access" and we will quickly give you access.

Grant access.png

Stage 4: Research & Write

Research the topic that you have chosen and start your first draft!

There is no set word limit for how much you can write. But the average time taken to create one blog post is 1-2 hours. As the target audience of the website is teen, the style of your writing can be more informal and catchy to read. It doesn’t have to be exhaustive in-depth research on a topic – rather, it can be answering common questions that teens have whilst learning about the law.

Stage 5: Feedback

After writing the post, please send it to so that we can give you some feedback.

Stage 6: Publish

After editing your post with our feedbacks, you can publish it on our website. Make sure that you have pressed on Categories (on your sidebar).

Which Category should I choose?​

​1. Theory 101 - help answer common questions on law and allow readers to explore different areas of law - from the history of law to specific areas on law.

2. Law School 202 - focuses on exploring different law schools from all around the world. It helps students to learn more about a law school from a general guide to getting a chance to talk to law student.

3. Career 303 - introduces careers and professions that are associated law. It helps to give a guide on different opportunities that are offered when you study law.

4. Opinions of the Day - This encompasses opinions that are related to various subjects on law. From hot books or movies to current trending legal issues. (Basically posts that doesn't belong to other category!)

5. Books - any great books that you are read that is related with law! Put it right under "Resources -> Books".

If you are still unsure, please email us, we will be happy to give you advice.

Also, it is strongly advised that if you are writing a serie of blogs, add hashtags to the end of your blog so that readers can easily find the preceding blogs.

For more information of blog writer set up - download the attachment on the right.

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