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Books to recommend



Ward Farnsworth

This book, as its name says, contains a list of theoretical and legal dilemmas for readers to think about. The problems are all really practical and useful in real life. For instance, it considers the problem of the Prisoner's Dilemma, Court's Duty, and Coase Theorem.



Barnard, O’Sullivan and Virgo

It is a great introductory book for anyone who is interested to study law at university (designed for 17 and 18-year-olds). It seeks the expound on the idea that law is existing all around us. This fun book uses real-life situations, which shines a light on the legal system, legal thinking, and arguments. 



Jack Beatson

It is a book exploring judicial independence in the UK. A great intro book to learn about the separation of power and balanced of responsibilities. It also explores the topic of democracy and the "unwritten constitution" in the UK.



Stephen Sedley

This book is a collection of articles produced by Stephen Sedley, a former judge of the Court of Appeal of England and Wales and a former visiting professor at Oxford. He explored various legal questions that are pertinent to the UK, from human rights to Brexit.



Allan Hutchinson

This book takes audience through 8 crucial legal cases from all over the world that had influenced the development of common law. Personally, I was drawn by the title to pick up the book :) It's a must-read!




Mark Herrman

Although this book is aimed to speak to new associates to a law firm, this book is written in a funny and colloquial way that is relaxing to read. 

This book provides really helpful and practical advices for anyone who aspires to work in a law firm!



Jeff Shesol

This book provides a detailed account of one of the most intense moments in American History — the "battle" between the Supreme Court and President. Especially "The switch in time that saved nine".

It is written in a novel style which is very intriguing to read. 



Sydney Powell

This book pictures vividly real events which had taken in place in US. It shines a light on parts of America's criminal law system which we haven't noticed about.

This is for anyone who is interested in criminal law.



Evan Thomas

This is a biography of Former Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O'Connor's life; she was also the first woman on the Supreme Court bench. It vividly describes her early life to her post-Supreme court career. 

I really recommend you to read! It is very inspirational!!



Ruth Bader Ginsburg

This is a collection of Justice Ginsburg's speeches and writings. Her texts cover a vast range of topics. exploring both her public and private life. A strong rec for those who wants  to learn about the US constitution or how she formed a lasting friendship with Justice Scalia through opera!




Ratnapala, Suri

It explores the origins of various legal theories and uses modern-day examples to help readers understand.

🚨 This book is quite content-heavy!



Hodder Education

Suitable for beginners who want to learn more about UK law and how it works. It is designed for students (between 17-18) to study A-level Law (a course), so it also includes interactive questions to answer at the end of each chapter.


Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 4.00.59 PM.png


Teacher's notes which gives an overview on America's legal system. The information are all bullet-pointed (without detailed explanation). You can skim through this to look at any keywords and jargons. 


Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 4.10.15 PM.png

Lawyer Portal

This short document is a very fun and teen-friendly guide to show you how you can work in the legal field, what kind of work you can do, and what it takes for you to achieve it. It even provides a "key skill checklist" that is ideal for lawyers!


Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 4.15.48 PM.png

Political and ConstitutionalReform Committee

Don't be overwhelmed by the name. It is a 20-paged document that shows what it would be like if UK had a constitution. (Yes, UK is different from US; it has an unwritten constitution.) 

It also has really funny and cute cartoons!


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