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Law101 is using RoundPier's platform to build up a strong and active Law101 community. Ways to get access to this lively group:

  1. Large Discussion Group - gathers students who are interested in studying/working in the field of law together

  2. School Clubs/Chapters - meet in smaller groups with friends to do extensive research

  3. Law101 updates - follow Law101 on RoundPier


A series of introductions that will guide you through different areas of law.


Keep up with the current trends by reading about humble opinions of the hottest issues!

Law Review

Get an inside scoop of top law schools through interviews and fun blog posts!


Check out ongoing Law101 projects by passionate leaders of the community!

Power of Attorney

What's after law school? Check out here to get some ideas of what is ahead of you!


Delve deeper into the realm of law by checking out these recommendations!

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