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The Law in Litigation

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

By Brynlee Gray

The meaning of litigation in law refers to cross fires and appointing two opposing sides of an argument, who are working in the interest of enforcing or defending laws and legal rights. In most cases, the two sides settle litigation by working out an agreement and finding a resolution, but they may also go to court and have the jury or judge determine the final resolution. Litigation also includes the prosecution side and defending side of a client using litigator attorneys for each side in a court of law with a judge and jury.

These are many different types Litigation Attorneys:

  • Business and Commercial Litigation

  • Public Interest Litigation

  • Personal Injury Litigation

  • Mesothelioma Litigation

  • Civil Litigation

  • Patent Litigation

I am very interested in Civil Litigation because it has to do with debating and resolving arguments for each side. It involves defending and prosecuting with the use of evidence and argumentative points. This seeks for justice in the court of law with a judge and jury.

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