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Drew Adams and Trans Rights

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Drew Adams, like many transgender people who live in this cis-normative society, was at one point discriminated against, by his own school. His school maintained that he could not use the men’s restroom and instead, asked him to use a single-stall, gender-neutral restroom.

Drew Adams, who is currently 19, recollected the incident as one where he was called out of history class, straight to the principal’s office.

"I sat with three other counsellors standing over me. They told me I wasn't allowed to use the men's restroom," he says.

It ought to be noted that Mr. Adams has stated repeatedly that he identifies as male.Drew Adams is transgender—identifies himself with a gender other than the one affirmed to him at birth (female).

Saddening as it may be, however, when the principal of Nease High School was asked whether she thought Drew was a boy, she stated that she did not see him as male despite Adams having several surgeries and meetings with his psychiatrist during his transition.This is the primary disagreement in this case; that both parties disagree on whether Drew Adams is a boy.

The case, which was first filed in the summer of 2017, by Adams and his mother Erica, finally came to a culmination with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit affirming a lower court ruling that required his school to treat Drew Adams equally, by allowing him to use the restroom that corresponded with the gender identity he chose.

Drew Adams said, “I am very happy to see justice prevail, after spending almost my entire high school career fighting for equal treatment.” He has also said that the case has also helped him discover a newfound love for activism, speaking and communication.


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